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The Exhausted Woman's Handbook


Are you exhausted from the demands of everyday life? Exhausted Women’s Syndrome (EWS) happens to overworked, overstressed, overloaded, and overly committed women. Left unattended, EWS negatively affects you and your relationship. But the syndrome is not the problem, the unresolved issues are.

More than likely, you already know some causes of exhaustion but you don’t have the time, money, or energy needed to find solutions. Designed to be read in short segments, this book provides practical suggestions that are easy to implement and will relieve your exhaustion.


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What is being said about the book:

“Exhausted and overwhelmed women are everywhere. These are the women who try harder yet are more burned out than others. Why? Christine Hammond explains how to avoid being another sad statistic by guiding you past the hidden causes of exhaustion and more importantly giving you practical solutions to break free. The Exhausted Woman’s Handbook is the answer for you, and the exhausted women in your life. Pick up a copy to share with a family member or friend who needs more energy and strength.”

Dwight Bain, Certified Life Coach, Best-Selling Author and Speaker on Change


“If you feel like you are ‘running on empty’ most of the time, this book is a must-read!  Christine will guide you beyond the fruit to the real root of your exhaustion, and show you how to prune your life such that you can thrive once again!”

– Shannon Ethridge, Life/Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author of 22 books including the Every Woman’s Battle series, The Sexually Confident Wife, and The Passion Principles


Join us for a webinar and receive a free copy of the book.  Click here for more information.

Coming soon…a workbook to help you get the most out the book.  To receive a sneak preview now, please fill out the information below.

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