Woman’s Retreat


The Exhausted Woman’s Retreat

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed by life demands?  Does the thought of getting advice about sleeping more or taking a yoga class as solutions to reduce your exhaustion make you want to scream?

Then this is for you.

The Exhausted Woman’s Retreat is about real long-term solutions for people who don’t have the time or energy to invest in therapy for months or years to get better.  You need help now.

Your ability to keep working without burning out is depending on this.  Your marriage is falling apart for lack of real intimacy and your kids are out of control.  You are so exhausted that you can’t stand it but you are not sure where to begin.  Begin here.

Come to sunny Orlando Florida and stay at one of our finest hotels for a weekend of intense therapy designed to help you find permanent freedom from your exhaustion.

  • The retreat is designed for executive women who don’t have the time for therapy and need real results right now.  Because of the nature of the clientele, you must qualify to attend this retreat as it is not designed for younger women or women who don’t have competing roles of wife, mother, work, family, and friends.
  • This weekend retreat contains intensive group and individual therapy and is offered for a limited time only.  Be prepared to get real in a short time and the best part is that you can do it with a friend or come alone for complete privacy but intense therapy.  Women learn well from other women so the group concept for women works!
  • Only 8-10 women can attend at one time to keep the experience personal and impactful.
  • There is no make-up and no frills just come as you are.
  • The dress is extremely casual: jeans, sweats or work-out clothing.  Don’t forget your bathing suit so you can enjoy the pool and spa area if you want.
  • You will receive twenty-two hours of therapy in one weekend not including bonus hours designed for a person just like you who is not able to take months and definitely not years to get the freedom from exhaustion you desperately need and want.  You need relief now!  The group interaction helps you recall events that may have been forgotten and enables you to relate to other women through your shared experiences.
  • The retreat package includes four main meals plus tons of good coffee and snacks and dietary arrangements can be made to meet your individual needs.
  • You will experience a combination of group and individual sessions designed to intensify your experience and learn from the experiences of other women just like you.  This is why you must qualify to attend.
  • Your retreat experience starts Friday evening promptly at 6pm till Sunday at noon with two breaks on Saturday morning and afternoon allowing you to enjoy the hotel amenities, take a swim, or enjoy a massage at the spa.
  • If needed you can pay for additional individual hours on Sunday afternoon at a discounted therapy rate.
  • The retreat is held at a beautiful hotel in Orlando, Florida with amenities for activities including spa services which you can receive discounts.
  • You don’t need to leave the hotel property so you can have a complete getaway experience without any pressure to perform or get dressed up.  The hotel has many beautiful private areas so you can enjoy breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip in the pool, or unwind during a massage.
  • The talks and group sessions are secluded in a private suite as opposed to a meeting room for a more casual confidential experience.
  • The hotel offers a reduced room rate for Friday and Saturday night for participating in the retreat.  The hotel has transportation arrangements if flying from out-of-town so there is no need for a car rental.
  • To keep things a bit fun, many forms of therapy will be used including: Art therapy – drawing a tree, genograms – defining your family history, drama therapy – reenacting events, timeline of greatest highs and lows in your life, relationship interaction through people placement, role playing, play therapy using the sand tray, and journaling.
  • We will provide all materials including a journal, workbook, any therapy tools, and free copy of the book.

The Exhausted Woman’s retreat includes 5 large sessions:

  1. Friday group session begins promptly at 6pm.  We will spend some time getting to know each other, complete any missing forms, have dinner together, discuss the many ways we are all exhausted, explain how your life is like a tree and have fun with some art therapy ending at 10pm.
  2. Saturday starts early at 5am with some coffee and no make-up so we can talk about how your personality plays a role in exhaustion, do a group activity based on your new understanding of personality differences, and the talk about the life-altering events that have changed you ending at 8am.  There is a break from 8am-10am so you can complete your timeline and journaling, get some breakfast if you want, or take a break at the spa.
  3. Saturday lunch session starts at 10am with a discussion on what healthy growth in your life looks like, a play therapy experience with the sand tray, lunch, discussion on the importance of your Christian journey and a group activity designed to increase your spiritual awareness ending at 2pm.  There is another break from 2pm till 5pm to allow for your individual session, take a swim at the pool, journal, or relax at the spa.
  4. Saturday evening session begins at 5pm with a discussion on marriage and your role as a wife, dinner, discussion on parenting and your role as a mother, a group activity including role-playing, discussion on your role at work, and another group activity designed for relationship awareness ending at 10pm.
  5. Sunday morning begins at 7am with a discussion on your role with family and in friendships, breakfast, design of your personal genogram, discussion on divorce and other roles that force you to prune your tree, group activity with drama reenactment, and concludes with a good-bye session ending at noon.  For the next three hours, you can arrange for a private session to follow-up on any areas not fully addressed for a reduced therapy rate.

All of this would normally cost thousands of dollars to do over a long period of time but instead it is being offered at a special rate of only $1800 which includes the cost of the hotel.

Submit your name and email to get more information.  

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